Mark & Leila Campbell – Why I Give

“I remember traveling around Michigan with my dad,” said Mark. “He was a part of a degree team and there were always conversations in the car about one charitable endeavor or another.”

As Mark’s Masonic service entered adulthood, his wife, Leila, was along as a supportive partner and enthusiastic advocate.

Mark has served a wide variety of Minnesota Masonic charity boards. He has served terms as Chair of the Masonic Foundation and Minnesota Masonic Charities during its formative years. He also played a significant role in the development of the Masonic Cluster Homes.

More recently, Mark has taken a leadership role in the creation and management of the Masonic Heritage Center, ensuring the preservation of Masonic treasures and our collective Masonic legacy, which includes in large part our Masonic philanthropy.

Mark and Leila have chosen to do more than just admire and chronicle Masonic philanthropy; they have decided to participate in it in a very meaningful way. Why? Leila explained:

“It’s simple. We have watched the development of Masonic Charities and have been inspired by the incredible impact it has had on so many different important community needs,” she said. “The people that came before us provided our generation the privilege of meeting today’s needs. I hope that we provide those who come after us the same opportunity to impact tomorrow’s needs.”

Mark and Leila Campbell live the tenets of Masonry. Through planned giving, their legacy will live forever.

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